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What is civil liability coverage in car insurance?

Car insurance can be a tricky to navigate and you have experience to understand exactly what the different policies include and what incidents of your vehicle will cover for this damage.Many people are not sure about Civil Liability, and what type of protection provided by policy.

What is civil liability mean?

What is civil liability mean



Civil liability is the legal responsibility of giving money for damage to another person´s health, property or business. Civil liability is also legal responsibility for payment of damages. It means that, in case of any incident, where you don’t broke the law, but you caused damages to other person, you will not charge in criminal court, but you may take to civil court, and ready to pay compensation for any injury or losses as a result of the incident.
The plan that you could have civil action taken against in case of a car accident. But in civil Insurance of car , it provides specific levels of cover that give protection to the policyholder for any case of financial losses. Like Caser Expat Insurance have two types of civil liability coverage which are given below:
compulsory civil liability coverage
voluntarycivil liability coverage
Compulsory Civil liability:
Compulsory civil liability provides coverage to compensate third parties for personal injury and material damage that you may pay to them if you are responsible for this accident. This coverage amount is calculated according to the scale set forth in Royal Decree 8/2004, and approved Law on Insurance and civil liability.
Voluntary Civil Liability :
When coverage given by the compulsory civil liability is not enough to payment for level of the damages, there is additional voluntary coverage to make sure a higher amount of compensation for Responsabilidad Civil Voluntaria) damages can be covered. The amount will be determined according to thr policy conditions and terms. In Caser Expat Insurance, it is € 50,000,000.
Types of damges does this cover:
There are two types to the civil insurance coverage that are physical injury that cover medical expenses of people involved in an accident, and property damage coverage, that covers the payment related to repairing of the motor.
Each insurer have their own stipulations regarding civil liability in car insurance. For Example i have Caser Expat Insurance policies as an example to show you how insurance provider covered for their insured drivers, and the financial compensation for damages that you may obligate to pay to third parties.

Example situations:

Example situations
I faced an accident for which you are to blame, not stoping at a traffic light, fast driving of car etc. If an incident happened, then your car is stationary, including fire or explosion in or outside. If you caused damage when opening the car doors, such as damaging in parked car.They also covered damage caused by trailers, if they declared in the policy.
Legal defence :
In addition to covering your civil coverage, some insurance gives also legal defence cover. It’s means that, if the case close in court, they will be able to provide their own legal services to present you in the case. They help by paying specified amount for the expenses of personal lawyer.
Types of car insurance coverage:
Auto insurance is designed for different coverages to protect you financially if you face an accident or your car damaged. Some kinds of coverage are required while others are optional and give additional protection.
There are Six common car insurance coverage which are given below:
Auto liability coverage
uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage
comprehensive coverage
collision coverage
personal injury protection

1. Auto Liability coverage
Auto liability coverage is mandatory in most countries. Drivers are legally required to buy the minimum amount of coverage set by law. Liability coverage has two components which are given below:
Bodily injury liability- it may help pay for expenses relate to injuries of another person, if you are responsible for an accident.
Property damage liability- it may help to pay for damage that you cause to property of another person during driving.
2. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage:
Suppose you are hit by a driver who have no insurance, then this coverage type may help to pay for your medical bills or repairs to your vehicle. But in case if you are hit by policy holder driver, but their liability limits are not enough to cover your medical bills. Then this coverage type may help.
3. Comprehensive coverage:
This may help by covered damages of your car from like hail, theft, fire. If your car damaged by a covered peril, comprehensive coverage may help by paying repair bills or replacing amount of car. It is an optional coverage.
4. Collision coverage:
If you are involving in an accident with other car, this type of coverage may help by paying to repair or replace your car. It is typically optional or may be required.

5. Medical payments coverage:
If you with your family members driving the insured vehicle are injured in an accident, this type of coverage may help by paying expenses related with injuries like hospital visits, surgery, X-rays and more.This coverage type is required in some states and optional in others.

6. Personal injury protection:
PIP is only available in some states. Similar as medical payments coverage, PIP help by paying for your medical expenses after an accident. PIP also help by cover other expenses like childcare expenses or lost income.Personal injury protection is required in some states and optional in other.

You may be able to add the following optional coverages to your car insurance policy,


Civil insurance referred to rights of an injured party to take anyone responsible for their injuries or loss, that resulted from the other party’s wrong actions. Wrong party must suffered some type of quantifiable and countable loss or damage. This might be personal injury,loss of income,property loss, loss of contract, and other losses.

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