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What Is Insurance company?

Insurance company create a new chance for unemployment people by insurance consultant and in return for the payment of premium.There is many Insurance company do work in Pakistan.

Why you need car insurance?

Why you need car insurance?

When you ride on car without license then you face many driving problems. In car riding you facing yourself and others with certain problems like road accident, physically injuries and may it lead to death. All this problems you face due to inexperienced, without license driving or negligence. In this situation total or partial damages of car or life can occurred. To solve this problems car insurance is very compulsory step. In this policy, two parties involved first insurance company employer and second is policyholder. The insurance employee make insure to solve all financially problems that occur in case of unfortunate accident. And also paid it with timely or later. The coverage of insurance money depend upon type of car insurance policy.
Type of car insurance:
1- fully comprehensive
2- third party
3- third party fire and theft
Comprehensive insurance :
The name ” comprehensive insurance policy” show this name that total 360 degree cover all damages caused by any situations. Not only car damage also rider damage can cover this type of insurance policy. It can cover against legal or official third party dues. In this policy you can also meet up the ideal or targeted covarage depend upon the situations. You can claim for :
_ car repair after accident
_ accidental damages
_ vandalism- if anyone accidentally scratches your car
It means you can drive the car of people if you got permission. In this case if you face an accidents then third party are not involved means you not cover from insurance policy if you drive others car. The most vital point is that this insurance policy covers the most and this policy is not more expensive.
Third party Car insurance:
In this type,car should be insured for any case that caused by any damage or loss by third party in an accident of insured Car.This kind of car insurance are famously called third party car insurance. In any accident insured car can suffer to some damage and rider also face some loss or damage. In this case insured car and rider not get expenses caused due to accident of insured car. In order to get expenses in results of accident of insured car you should meet up comprehensive car insurance. This insurance plan is very suitable for those people who struggling for comprehensive insurance policy. This might be when you do not have claim bonus, live in area where is high risk of crimes and accidents of car can occur and your car is worthless
Third party fire and theft:
The insurance policy cover the damage expenses caused by accident of insured car . It can cover all expenses caused by man made or natural accidental problems, theft of car or all minor or major damages. This policy does not cover the third party penalty. Due to which this policy is between insuranceholder and insurance company employe. This plan covers other and you don’t get the cover benefits if your own car is damaged by accidents. This policy plan covers the replacement and damages caused by fire and theft of car. This insurance plans are not necessarily cheaper than comprehensive policy covers.
How to shop arround from comparison sites to insurance brokers:
To shop a car you must take time in search and comparisons with other deal this could means cheaper price and more cover for your money.
It will applied for especially:
_Any other driver that insurer could be high risk
_People over seventy
_Younger drivers
Simply let your policy roll out for another and get paid a large amount of premium. Your providers will get to meet up with you to inform about renewal date, providing you a chance to get attached with it or find a cheaper idea.
Car insurance claim settlement process:
This process can be done by two method which is given below
1- via cashless claim
2- via reimbursement method
1- via cashless claim method:
Note your insurance company and save the company number always.Next registered your claim application and carefully note the reference number for future use.Next insurance company assign you claim inspector that is responsible for the coverage of losses occurs due to accident.Once the insurance approved your claim application then your car will be repaired in near garage. After the settlement of your claim application the insurance company directly pay the bills of your vehical.
2- Via reimbursement claim method:
Note your company number and registered your claim application and then go to your nearby garage for bike repairment and after bike repairing pay your bills and save the bill recives .all documents and bills are registered on the troll number of insurance comapny .once the claim application approved the insurance company will compensate your bills and damages.
Ten different ways to lower you risk and keep cost downs:
There are 10 different things to lower risk and keep cost downs which are given below:
1_ You must make your own car more secured
2_ Drive a model with low insurance group
3_ Be accurate with your mileage
4_ Safely drive
5_ Adding second low-risk driver
6_ policyholder pay by monthly installment, pay for your car insurance annually
7_what you don’t need, don’t pay for it.
8_ Separately buying breakdown cover
9_ Increased your no-claims bonus
10_ adding a voluntary excess to your car insurance

Summary :

Its very important to insured your vehicles because any accidental damages caused by any crises situations you can easily and transparently solve your unfortunately problems. Company will help you if you help yourself by insured your car .so keep in mind it’s very necessary steps for those who have ride and daily ride. Insurance company insured you by paying bills and damage coverages.

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